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We will be the first point of contact for requests from customers and data protection authorities. If we receive a request, we will send an acknowledgment of receipt to the sender, stating that their request will be processed.

Next we will send the requests to you and advise you on the actions that are needed to be taken and the time limit. After which we will reply to the request.


In order to comply with article 30  of the GDPR, we will hold a copy of your data processing record to be reviewed by local data protection authorities upon request.

Additionally, we can make a landing page for your clients which suits your needs, with your branding to reassure your customers.

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People whose personal data you control are permitted to contact you in any of the 24 EU languages.

We provide translation of communications we receive and your replies to you preffered language. Additional costs may be applied to this service.


We know everyone loves discounts, that is why we have a loyalty program for our customers.

We offer discounts up to 50% off your yearly subscription. Contact us for the terms and conditions

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A data breach wil give you headaches and a lot of work. You are required to notify the data protection authorities within 72 hours. However notifying the supervisory authorities the correct way can be a difficult job. Therefore we can assist you in the notifications process. Additional costs may be applied to this service.