Representing you in the EU & UK


Sensorium started out of the fascination for the public domain and her dynamic and also sometimes her irrational way of behaving. However, opportunities are always on the horizon and Sensorium took these challanges and shifted more into the private sector. Nowadays we have evolved into a company that offers data protection services to businesses around the world. Even though we remain a small and young company, our knowledge of the public sector and our connections in the private sector make us a worldwide player.

We use three principles in our company whether in working with clients or businesses we work with:

1. Meritocracy; We work with an individual or a company on the basis of talent, effort and/or achievements. So having no experience or a degree is of no matter. What matters is having character skills that shows you are willing to make an effort for maximum succes. Such is our definition of meritocracy. That's why you are important to us!

2. Pragmatism; we don't use fixed methods, theories, ideas or informal rules. The world around us evolves continuously and so are we. We use this philosophy so we can adapt to the changes in the world and execute the assigments of our clients with the most succes in line with the current global trends. This ensures that our clients are ready to face the future.

3. Honesty; We work with clients worldwide and encounter cultures with different ethical standards. We would like you to know beforehand, we will never sucumb to corruption or other unethical behaviours to obtain or execute an assigment or client. If you want to offer or require something unethical of us. Don't contact us! On the other hand we will also be honest to you. We don't do charity! Let it be clear, to us honesty is a key to succes.