Your Data Protection Representative

When do you need a Data Protection Representative?

You don't have an establishment in the EU and/or UK

You offer goods or services to individuals in the EU and/or UK


You monitor the behaviour of individuals in the EU and/or UK (cookie profiling)

Benefits of Sensorium as your Data Protection Representative

Flag of the European Union

EU Representative

Data Protection Representation in the EU and the EEA: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

Flag of the United Kingdom

UK Representative

Data Protection Representation in the United Kingdom

Form correctly filled in

Unlimited Data Requests

You have an unlimited number of data requests we receive based on our fair use policy

Alarm bell

Data Breach Support

We will assist you in notifying the data protection authorities in case of a data breach

Low price tag

Low Costs

We offer low prices for our services starting from €100,- (ex VAT) and our loyalty program gives you up to 50% discount


Number of Citizens

We don't focus on the size of your company. Just at the number of citizens whose personal data your company holds or processes


Sensorium started out of the fascination for the public domain and her dynamic and also sometimes her irrational way of behaving. However, opportunities are always on the horizon and Sensorium took these challanges and shifted more into the private sector. Nowadays we have evolved into a company that offers data protection services to businesses around the world. Even though we remain a small company, our knowledge of the public sector and our connections in the private sector make us a worldwide player.